Thursday, March 27, 2014

When is spring going to come?

I am sorry I have not posted in a while and it seems like I skipped right over winter weather clothing. But, unfortunately that is what we are still wearing! I know that we are all cold and spring seems as though it may never truly arrive, but you can still add spring elements into your winter clothes. Sometimes mixing light clothes and heavy clothes may seem like your confused; but when it is done correctly it can be great.

To do this, I'm going to suggest adding bright colors back into your wardrobe. Go ahead! Brighten up your wardrobe by wearing bright colored jeans, instead of a typical dark blue or black.  You can also brighten up your wardrobe with bright shirts, sweaters, anything that will get you out of your winter slump. An easy way to wear spring clothes and colors is by layering. When you layer, it creates a stylish and more wintery look; by still adding spring elements.
Just last night, I painted my nails bright pink. The color is actually called "Feeling Happy" which is exactly what I'm going to do, even while I am walking around shivering. Bright nails are a great way to add color to your look. Another fashionable way to add color to any look is with bright lips. Though most of us think red lips can be sexy (and they can be); try some new colors such as pink or orange. These colors have a more day time look and definitely brighten up an outfit.

Well, I hope to be posting about spring clothes soon, but until then, remember to freshen up those winter clothes that you are tired of wearing by adding bright elements!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Leggings Are Not Pants Rant

Now that leggings weather is officially back, I think it's time to make something clear...
Leggings ARE NOT pants! I cannot stress this enough!!! I absolutely hate when girls wear leggings as pants!
Now, I like leggings just as much as the next person. They are an essential in my closet.  But, I have a rule with them: Your top must cover your butt if you want to wear it with leggings. If your shirt ends at your waistline, you should not wear it with leggings! It is not a complete outfit. If you want to wear a shirt like that and be comfortable then wear yoga pants, it's not that hard!
    It does not look cute when your butt is just hanging out in thin leggings! Just wear something a little longer and it'll look like a real outfit. It drives me crazy seeing this around campus all the time. It does not look good! Please stop this trend! Don't just do it once either, because you'll get trapped!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall is officially here

Just so you know, I do practice what I preach. On Wednesday, the weather was nice but the air was slightly cool. For this weather, I remembered the advice I gave in my last blog post. I paired my maxi skirt with a white tank top and my denim jacket.  And, I will say it was perfect for the weather.

It is now official Fall. We should get ready to see leggings, boots, and sweaters. But for now, we have to focus on the weather. This week's weather is going to be slightly the same as last week, maybe a little cooler.  We probably won't be seeing many shorts this week, but the same does go for the light weight long articles of clothing, such as maxi skirts, dresses, and light weight pants. 

Also, leggings are back. Leggings and cardigans are some of my favorite combinations in the Fall. Though, I won't be pulling out any boots yet this week because I think September is too early for that, I'm sure we'll see some around campus.  Because the weather is supposed to be basically the same as last week, I will suggest the same clothes. And keep those denim jackets handy!! They are still perfect for this weather!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall or Summer?  
It seems everywhere we turn, we're hearing more and more about Fall approaching. Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks, cool mornings. But, by noon, it does not seem like Fall anymore! This past week instead of boots and and sweaters, we had to pull out our shorts and tank tops. This is perfectly fine with me. I know Fall is approaching us but I am completely okay with letting it take it's time. Since we couldn't quite go all out with our Fall wardrobes, yet, we had to resort to a combination of the two. I like to call it Sautum.

Because of this weather we put together combinations such as these.
A tank top paired with lightweight pants.  This combination keeps you from getting too hot in the sun, while also not allowing a breeze to make you freeze.
Denim jackets are a great thing to have! I love the combination of this purple maxi skirt with a denim jacket. They a cute way to make an outfit look put together and to keep you warm. Denim also tends to make an outfit look more casual, which is great for a college student going to class. This past week I created a similar look. I wore a long black maxi dress with my denim jacket over it. It added color and casualness to the look. 

As the air gets cooler but the sun stays hot here are two things to remember :

            1. Light weight but coverage. 

                Example: Lightweight long pants, dresses, and skirts. These will cover you from the air but not be too hot with the sun.
           2. Denim Jackets. 
They'll keep you warm but not too hot!